Hi, I'm Mike Roelens

Award-winning full stack developer with over 7 years experience. I've built products for major ecommerce retailers, my own startup, and many fun hacks!

Feb 2019 - Present
Lead Developer. Build interactive Slack bot using Typescript, Node, GraphQL, Postgres
Mar 2017 - Feb 2019
Co-founder. Built entire site using React, Redux, Apollo, Flow, GraphQL, Next.js, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL
Mar 2014 - Feb 2017
Developed REST APIs for Walmart.ca with Scala + Play. Also worked on Walmart.ca's native Android app.
Hydro One
May 2013 - Aug 2013  (Co-op)
Developed a desktop application to track report completion using C#, WPF, NHibernate and Microsoft SQL server
Pernod Ricard
Sep 2012 - Apr 2013  (Co-op + Part-time)
Developed single-page web apps powered by Java and Google Web Toolkit backed by an Oracle database
Windsor Mold Group
May 2011 - Sep 2012  (Co-op + Part-time)
Developed internal web applications built on PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery
A unique game that takes place in the Android notification drawer. Winner of Google's Android Experiments 2016.
Tech: Java, Android SDK
JiraShot is a bug reporting tool for QA testers testing on Android. Edit and annotate bug screenshots and upload directly to Jira!
Tech: Java, Android SDK, OkHttp
Website that helped University of Windsor students find the textbooks they needed at the lowest possible price.
Tech: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Nginx
...I've also initiated and built many internal tools/projects at companies, e.g.
  • Chrome extension to monitor pre-production environments
  • Proxy tool to help trace analytics calls sent from mobile devices
  • Electron desktop app to streamline support and admin tasks
Developer 30 Under 30
Recognized as one of the top 30 software developers under the age of 30 in Canada.
Android Experiments Winner
My app HungerMoji was a winner of Google’s Android Experiments I/O Challenge. Featured in Wired UK, Yahoo Tech, MakeUseOf
Hi there! 👋

Thanks for checking out my portfolio. This is a very brief overview of the work I've done. If you'd like to hear more please drop me a line in the chat below!